Training and Marketing Materials for Medical Products and Services
Medical device manufacturers and medical service providers: Do you need user documentation? Physician training? Work procedures for your employees? Clinical testing procedures? Videos and other marketing materials?

Richard can help!

Richard has produced documentation for medical products and medical service companies for more than three decades. While he was an employee of Guidant Corporation, he created the company’s FDA-approved documentation control system and produced dozens of component, material, and procedure specifications that worked within that system. The FDA was so impressed by the system that they recruited Richard to present documentation control seminars for other medical device manufacturers.

As a freelance, Richard has written and designed a wide variety of documentation for companies including:

A-Med Systems
Boston Scientific
Guidant Corporation
St. Jude Medical

Here are a few of Richard’s many projects:

Guidant Corporation needed a user manual for a glucose sensor designed specifically for children with juvenile onset diabetes. Richard came up with the idea of producing a kid-friendly manual that looks and reads like a comic book. Richard not only wrote the manual but created the overall concept for its innovative design. He then went on to write advertising materials for the product. Richard can help you think outside the box too!

Boston Scientific needed a training manual to show cardiologists how to use its life-saving intravascular ultrasound equipment. Richard researched, wrote, and designed the 64-page book. The vice president of sales and marketing said “This is the most effective training and marketing tool I have ever seen.” (see letter from Boston Scientific)

A-Med Systems Inc. needed a video that salespeople could use to introduce its innovative PARAFlow right heart support system. Working with A-Med staff and a video production company, Richard not only wrote the script for the video, but also went on to write a brochure, a video news release, and a “sell sheet.”

SciMED (now part of Boston Scientific) needed to train its device salespeople on how to use and sell a new catheter-based product. After meeting with technical, marketing, and sales staff, Richard wrote and helped to design an interactive training tool that looks like a brochure. It presents the new product in pictures and words and includes quiz questions for the reader.

CPI/Lilly (now part of Guidant Corporation) needed a handbook for diabetologists that would introduce the then-new concept of implantable insulin pumps. Since a skeptical response was predictable, it was important that the handbook be totally research-based and written in the technical language that physicians would understand and respect. To prepare, Richard read dozens of journal articles and interviewed leading diabetologists. The result was a highly successful booklet that made a serious contribution to the field of diabetology.

Medtronic’s Neurological Division needed to plan the user documentation that would be produced for a new series of neuro-stimulation products. Richard first worked with the Technical Publications Department to define the documentation plan’s draft-and-review process. Then, after meeting with technical and marketing staff, he produced a plan that served as the “blueprint” for the entire product line’s user documentation.