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Do you and your colleagues need to improve your writing skills?

Richard can help!

Since 1986, Richard has presented more than 1,000 business writing seminars and technical writing seminars in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Whenever possible, Richard prefers to tailor each seminar to the needs of the attendees by:

  • Choosing content to focus on the specific types of documents attendees write, such as emails, memos, reports, proposals, and procedures.
  • Gathering sample documents from attendees ahead of time and - with their permission - incorporating the samples into the seminar.
  • Presenting seminars on your schedule - anything from a half day to three days spread over several weeks.
Every seminar is interactive. After Richard presents a concept, attendees immediately put it into practice in an exercise - and every concept Richard presents is based on his extensive research on best practices and the psychology of human learning. Each attendee receives a detailed workbook that becomes a valuable reference source.

Most seminars begin with the basics of business writing:  

  • Sizing up your readers and their needs.
  • Stating your purpose.
  • Gathering background information.
  • Organizing your thoughts.
Then, depending on attendees’ needs and available time, your seminar can include any or all of these additional topics:
  • Avoiding writer’s block.
  • Achieving conciseness.
  • Developing a personal edit checklist.
  • Reviewing grammar and usage rules.
  • Using punctuation correctly.
  • Using active voice and passive voice.
  • Avoiding misplaced modifiers.
  • Strengthening verb forms.
  • Creating parallel structure in lists.
  • Structuring information for maximum understanding.
  • Choosing text formats.
  • Using cuing techniques to express the structure of your logic.
  • Choosing the right “tone of voice.”
  • Designing a document’s navigational system.
  • Designing tables, charts, and other graphics.
  • Defining the draft-and-review process for collaborative writing projects.
  • Determining the size of a large document ahead of time.
  • Proofreading for perfection.

Comments from past attendees

“Thank you so much for the seminar! Without a doubt, it was one of the best classes I’ve taken. I used the process [taught in the seminar] to write a procedure and it saved tons of time and headache. [Malinda Griffin, Seattle, WA 12/14/12]

"This is not just the best writing seminar I’ve ever been to; it’s the best seminar period. Richard is intelligent, articulate, and funny. He keeps your interest, and the time just flies. I will recommend his seminars highly." [St. Peters, MO 11/6-7/06]

"Richard Kronick is one of the best instructors I’ve had in the more than 10 one-day workshops I’ve attended. Clear, concise, knowledgeable - great memory for names and events - rapport with participants - and I learned a thing or two." [Albuquerque, NM 3/21/07 - from a woman who said she holds a master’s degree in creative writing]

"Thank you for such a positive & truly helpful day. Writing can be easy if you understand the fundamentals. You were able to take years of English classes and finally make sense of them. Thank you again. [Denver, CO 3/22/07]

"Richard’s seminar is one of the two or three highest rated seminars AIA Minnesota has ever presented." [Program Director, American Institute of Architects / Minnesota Section, 11/02]

"I especially appreciated the many hints and insights into the psychology of the reader." [Stuttgart, Germany 5/89]

"The most effective part of the course for me was Mr. Kronick's delivery of the material. [Also,] I am especially pleased with the reference manual." [Minneapolis, MN 3/90]

"I’m truly very impressed with the amount of knowledge I have gained from this seminar. The presenter kept my attention at all times. The material presented will certainly help me at the job." [Lansing, Michigan 10/12-13/2000]

"Great - Richard, you have made me change my assessment of documentation from a chore to a challenge. Thanks." [London, England 2/87]

"Mr. Kronick is an excellent public speaker." [Manchester, England 2/87]

"Richard is a very dynamic speaker who is obviously excited about writing. This was apparent in his presentation of the material." [King of Prussia, PA 11/7-8/2000]

"The instructor, Richard Kronick, is excellent. He exceeded my expectations. He elevated my confidence level in writing documents. I will recommend Richard to others by name. This is a must for anyone!" [King of Prussia, PA 11/7-8/00]

"This was a very excellent learning experience for me. I’ve attended other writing seminars in the past and this has been the best ever. The speaker was very exciting and informative." [Dallas, TX 11/15-16 /07]

"Richard was great. He engaged us all in writing by his enthusiasm. I have 2 major reports due. I can now face them with my new skills. Love the mind map!" [Boston, MA 12/7/00]

"Richard is an outstanding presenter of this information. I have been writing all types of documentation for years; and Richard still shared many things I was not aware of!" [Harrisburg, PA 12/12-13/00]

"I felt very comfortable in the presence of the instructor. He really was passionate about business writing and grammar. I really enjoyed the class." [Wilmington, DE 12/14-15/00]

"Very thorough and interesting presentation - well worth the time and money." [College Park, MD 12/19-20/00]

"Richard took the time to make sure all items were understood." [Kansas City, MO 10/26-27/05]

"It’s all about the teacher! Richard Kronick was great! I love the history behind - the whys, this kept it very interesting and informative. Great class." [Bloomington, MN 11/1-2/05]

"I will return to my office and use this seminar material immediately." [Fargo, ND 11/3-4/05]

"Instructor: expert in English language - never boring! - kept entire class engaged - instructor serious about covering material - instructor accomplished participation from all class participants! - very sharp educated instructor - worth every dollar!!" [Concord, CA 7/12-13/07]

"Richard is extremely knowledgeable. Not only did he encourage us to ask questions, but he actually took the time to answer every single question each of us had every time!" [Concord, CA 7/12-13/07]

“This was a very informative class that was beneficial to me and the overall group. Our instructor, Richard, is a super-super-instructor. He included, humor, history, and research in his teaching. He was personable and connected with all attendees.” [Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, Minneapolis, MN 3/4/11]

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