Marketing Materials for Architects, Engineers, and Planners
Do you need marketing materials to make your business grow?

Richard can help!

Richard works with architects, engineers, and planners to communicate with their clients, potential clients, contractors, and other audiences. Do you need website text? Individual project descriptions? An image video? A brochure? A newsletter or magazine? Richard will help you plan the overall concept and the most effective way to deliver your message. Then he will work with you throughout the writing and development process. Here are a few of Richard’s many projects:
Ellerbe Becket needed a brochure to showcase the high-tech control center it had designed for Northern States Power Company (now Xcel Energy). Working with people from Ellerbe Becket and NSP, Richard planned and wrote the text and helped to design the 10-page brochure.

SRF Consulting needed a newsletter to send to its clients, potential clients, and the families of its staff. Richard interviewed SRF’s engineers to develop the content and then wrote the entire text of the newsletter.

For Braun Intertec, Richard wrote articles for a magazine sent to clients, potential clients, and the families of employees.

For Braun Intertec, Richard helped to plan a modular marketing system consisting of numerous one-page marketing sheets. Then he wrote dozens of those sheets. The sheets are quickly assembled to create proposals that focus on just the types of services needed by each potential client.

For Kodet Architectural Group, Richard wrote and helped to design a series of “profile sheets” that showcase the various types of service offered by the firm.

Richard has helped sculptor and architect Alexander Tylevich to write and create numerous entries in public art competitions that have won Alexander projects across the U.S.

For the Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation and Rafferty Rafferty Tollefson Architects, Richard wrote a major report and proposal to the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, on the future of the city’s Lowertown neighborhood.

Boston Scientific needed a training manual to show cardiologists how to use its life-saving intravascular ultrasound equipment. Richard researched, wrote, and designed the 64-page book.

The vice president of sales and marketing said “this is the most effective training and marketing tool I have ever seen.” (see letter from Boston Scientific)

For the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Richard has written and in some cases co-produced 14 videos on a broad range of topics. For example, “Roads & Loads: Finding a Balance” was a DVD distributed to all members of the Minnesota legislature to provide information about highway funding.
(see letter from Braun Intertec re: "Roads & Loads")

For the city of Shoreview, Minnesota, Richard wrote and designed an annual water quality report that presented technical information in a way that any citizen – adult or child – could understand.