Magazine Articles
Would a published article raise awareness of your products or services? Richard can help!
In 2006, Ladtech, Inc., a manufacturer of components for manholes (, wanted to increase awareness of its products among public works officials. Based on interviews of Ladtech personnel and background material, Richard wrote a press release. Then, via research at the library, Richard found 21 public works-related magazines and sent the press release to all of them. As a result, stories were published in:
     • Underground Construction
     • Public Works
     • U.S. Water News
     • Construction Bulletin

CE News magazine (trade pub for civil engineers) asked Rick Harrison (, a planner who specializes in designing suburban housing developments, for an article on his methods. Based on an interview of Rick and background information, Richard wrote the article. It’s in the November 2003 issue.

Two mechanical engineers at Ellerbe Becket, a Minneapolis-based architecture and engineering company (, received a request from Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine to write an article about their designs of fume hoods for research labs. Richard interviewed the engineers and ghost-wrote the article – i.e. it was published under their by-line – in the November 1994 issue.

Alexander Tylevich, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based sculptor (, wanted to increase awareness among architects that he specializes in sculpture integrated with architecture. Based on interviews with Alexander and visits to some of his sculptures, Richard wrote an article published in the January/February 1998 issue of Architecture Minnesota magazine.
Some of the more than 100 published articles by Richard L. Kronick:

"An Architectural Tour of Minneapolis and St. Paul," Old-House Journal, August 2012. (click to read)

"Sunny 1940s-Inspired Kitchen," Old-House Journal, April 2012. (click to read)

"Restoring Frank Lloyd Wright's Willey House," Old-House Journal, February 2012. (click to read)

"Tips for Finishing Old-House Woodwork," Old-House Journal, October 2011. (click to read)

“McQuay helps Lewis and Clark Administration Building discover first LEED Platinum certification for state office buildings,” on the website of McQuay, Inc.

“McQuay frictionless chiller contributes to LEED Gold for Harford County Public Schools,” on the website of McQuay, Inc.

"Smooth Move," Old-House Journal, April 2004.

"Revolutionary Residential Community Designs: Coving Revisited," Civil Engineering News, November 2003.

"Saving a Piece of Minnesota History: The Mower House," Old-House Journal, April 2003.

“Historic Places: Wright Here in Mason City,” Old-House Journal, September 2001.

“Minneapolis: A City That Works,” Old-House Journal, May 2001

“Ralph Rapson: 60 Years of Modern Design,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, March 2000. (exhibition review).

“Minneapolis Prairie School,” Architecture Minnesota, Sep/Oct 1998.

"The Pencil in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hand,” Journal of the Taliesin Fellowship, Summer 1998 (an interview with John Howe).

"The Underachieving Cantilever," Old-House Journal, June 1997.

“Anti-Semitism and Practice in the USSR,” Progressive Architecture, August 1991.

Review, Cesar Pelli & Associates' Norwest Bank Building in Minneapolis, MPLS. ST. PAUL Magazine, April 1989.

"Building Bridges With Walls," Arts (for members of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts), September 1987.

"Salute to John H. Howe," Arts (for members of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts), August 1987.

"A Prairie Home and its Companions," MPLS. ST. PAUL Magazine, August 1986.

"How to Select an Architect," MPLS. ST. PAUL Magazine, April 1986.