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Consulting on Historical Architecture

Are you planning to build in a historical style?

Richard can help!

Richard is an architectural historian who brings more than three decades of research to every project. As such, architects often call on him to consult on designs that involve historical styles. By explaining, comparing, and contrasting the features of historical styles, Richard helps to assure that every aspect of a building or remodeling project is consistent and contextual. Consultation can be oral and/or in the form of an illustrated report.

Here’s what an architect said about Richard’s work on a recent project:

“In the Spring of 2009, I was invited to provide design services for a sensitive addition and remodeling for the entry to a classic Georgian home in Minneapolis.  The invitation came as a result of the recommendation from Richard Kronick whose many skills I have known for years as a writer, teacher, architectural historian. and Twin Cities residential enthusiast.

"Dick provided valuable historical consulting to assure the home’s owners that their addition would be improved in a manner that was faithful to the original design.  His knowledge and advice not only informed me about how to respect the historic character of the original design but gave the owners confidence that my design would be successful.

"I can confidently recommend Dick as an historical consultant to any design work dealing with existing historic structures.  Though my recent experience with Dick was for a residential project, I believe that his passion and vigorous research toward doing appropriate designs in historical contexts would serve other projects as well.”
Scott Berry, AIA