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One-on-One Business Writing Coaching


One-on-One Business Writing Coaching

Do you need to improve your business writing skills fast? Richard can help!

Richard Kronick has worked one-on-one with many business professionals, including lawyers, city planners, journalists, and managers, to quickly ramp up their writing skills. Because Richard is a business writer with more than three decades of experience, he understands what business writers need to know — and because Richard has presented more than 1,000 business writing and technical writing seminars, he has developed proven concepts and strategies that help businesspeople improve their writing quickly. A typical consultation works like this:

  1. The businessperson writes a draft of a real business document and sends it to Richard.
  2. Richard sends the businessperson a detailed, respectful report discussing both positives and negatives in the writing.
  3. To ensure that the businessperson understands exactly how to improve, Richard and the businessperson discuss the report — either in person or on the phone. When appropriate, Richard provides explanations, worksheets, and reference materials.
  4. Based on the strategies discussed in step 3, the businessperson writes a second draft of the document. In all previous consultations, the second draft has been dramatically better than the first draft.
  5. At this point, Richard and the businessperson decide if further help is needed. Often, this is the end of the consultation.

Comments on Richard’s teaching

"Thanks again for all of your great advice, input, and for the sample contracts, and all of the other materials. I’m arranging to meet with my client soon to plan another project, and am looking forward to implementing the strategies you outlined to keep the project on track.  I would very much like to remain in contact. Your help has already been of great value." [Minneapolis, MN, March 2012]

“Richard is an excellent instructor. This workshop was the best, most organized workshop I’ve attended. Richard’s knowledge, clarity, and use of relevant and interesting examples greatly impressed me. Thanks!” [Golden, CO 8/15/07]

“Richard is extremely knowledgeable. Not only did he encourage us to ask questions, but he actually took the time to answer every single question each of us had every time!” [Concord, CA 7/12-13/07]

“Thank you for such a positive & truly helpful day. Writing can be easy if you understand the fundamentals. You were able to take years of English classes and finally make sense of them. Thank you again. [Denver, CO 3/22/07]

“Richard Kronick is one of the best instructors I’ve had in the more than 10 one-day workshops I’ve attended. Clear, concise, knowledgeable — great memory for names and events — rapport with participants — and I learned a thing or two.” [Albuquerque, NM 3/21/07 — from a woman who said she holds a master’s degree in creative writing]

“Richard took the time to make sure all items were understood.” [Kansas City, MO 10/26-27/05]

“I felt very comfortable in the presence of the instructor. He really was passionate about business writing and grammar. I really enjoyed the class.” [Wilmington, DE 12/14-15/00]

“Richard is an outstanding presenter of this information. I have been writing all types of documentation for years; and Richard still shared many things I was not aware of!” [Harrisburg, PA 12/12-13/00]

“Great — Richard, you have made me change my assessment of documentation from a chore to a challenge. Thanks.” [London, England 2/87]