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Comments from attendees of my architecture lectures and tours

“I’ll admit it: My husband and I have been Richard Kronick groupies since we went on a Twin Cities architectural tour with him a few years ago. Richard gave us wonderful insights into the architects and their buildings. His language was clear and jargon-free. We recently attended a talk about the philosophy behind the Prairie School architects, Purcell & Elmslie. Even this topic, which could have been deadly, was simply fascinating. We can't wait for his next house tour. You’ll have to get in line behind us!” — Linda Schloff, Ph.D., former director, Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest.

From two program directors at the University of Minnesota’s College of Continuing Education, commenting on two courses presented by Richard:

“Thanks for what I understand was a wonderful day and a great class overall. [Attendee’s name] said you were great and that everyone enjoyed their time on the tour.”

“Thanks for all of your work in putting together yesterday's course. The day was a great success and all of the evaluations reflected that. Everyone truly enjoyed the whole experience. I look forward to working with you on the next project!”

“Just a note to tell you how grateful I am for your thoughtful leadership with this year's Plank Institute [a summer training institute for K-12 teachers]. I learned so much on Monday's tour; I admire the depth of your knowledge and your passion.” — Nan Peterson, Director of Service Learning, The Blake School

“This was the best learning experience I have ever had. I especially appreciated the lectures before the field trips.”

“Mr. Kronick is extremely knowledgeable. He is a great communicator and very well prepared. It was a wonderful experience.”

“I have been curious about Twin Cities house styles, but confused in my understanding of them. Richard has launched me on the way to knowing what I’m looking at. I especially liked the opportunity to see the insides of so many houses!”

“Loved the class and tour. I’ll take more from Richard.”

“Simply marvelous! Richard was excellently prepared and ardently engaged on this subject. I would repeat the same class!”

“What I liked most was the historical knowledge imparted along with clear explanations of the architectural developments.”

“Well done; the pre-tour intro was a great way to start the course. I took away some wonderful background info that I did not know.”

“Richard did a great job of providing overall information, interesting stories, and historical context.”

“Thank you for leading yesterday's tour at Red Cedar Lane. I was very impressed with your breadth of knowledge and dedicated research. I can see why your classes and tours are so popular — you are FANTASTIC!”

“I attended your What Style is That House? course for the U of MN Learning Life. I will always be thankful. Hope I can take another course from you in the future. You are a font of knowledge and excellent in relaying it to others.”

“Dick is a font of knowledge. He is able to put architecture in the context of history.”

“Lots of fun and interesting information. Enjoyed seeing unique neighborhoods and houses. Mr. Kronick knows a lot and conveys his enthusiasm.”

“Overwhelmed by the fascinating material. Gaining access to homes, etc. Instructor is very knowledgeable”

“Thank you SO much for a great tour today! I can't believe how much information you have amassed! Your depth of knowledge really made the tour.”

“I want to personally thank you for a good class and for your excellent preparation. The class was interesting, informative and provided me with excellent hands-on experience to better understand the Prairie School design principles. A worthwhile and enjoyable experience.”

“Your course was the highlight of the summer! Our deepest thanks to you for making [our summer institute for teachers] so rich and full.”

“Dick Kronick's historical perspective was invaluable.  His attention to history, craft and detail made his lectures very informative.  He is a wonderful resource.”

“It was fantastic to be able to see some of the architectural styles throughout the Twin Cities with our amazing guide and lecturer, Dick Kronick.  Dick's knowledge of his field, of the Twin Cities and his connections around town made this an amazing experience!”

“Dick did a superb job.  I have a better understanding of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Prairie School and how they differed and influenced each other and related to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.”

“I have connected bits of architectural information and historical events in new ways that make my understanding and awareness more complete. I feel much more connected to the history of my community as well.”

“Dick did a fantastic job of instructing us as to the style of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture .His knowledge and ability to convey that knowledge were exceptional. I now have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the Frank Lloyd Wright style.”

“Dick is so knowledgeable on the subject of architecture and the Twin Cities. I enjoyed the lectures and tours and absorbing everything I could from his vast knowledge of the subject.”

“On behalf of the Friends of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, I would like to thank you for the stimulating and interesting lecture you gave to the St. Cloud Friends. From all of the comments I heard, your lecture was enjoyed by everyone attending.”

“We want to thank you for all your good planning and hard work on the North Shore tour. It was a splendid success for us to be able to see all those architectural treasures. You and your cohorts never forgot about our creature comforts, either. Thanks a million.”

“Thank you again for the very delightful Frank Lloyd Wright tour…. We found it to be most informative and congenial. As a past tour participant, both active and passive, I understand the degree of planning, development and follow-through required. Despite the threat of ‘near misses,’ I felt that you exercised a high degree of patience and calm (visible)….Your opening presentation certainly set the stage for the following journey.”

“Thank you for making the Arts and Crafts program successful. Your presentation was wonderful; I enjoyed it very much….Also, your comments and details about the houses on tour were essential to the group’s understanding of the subject.”

“Many thank yous for your work on the Arts & Crafts Day. Your presentation captured the spirit of the movement. Your slides are great and your enthusiasm for Arts & Crafts ideas and objects was contagious. Thanks also for all the mundane work that made a great day possible.”

“Thank you very much for your time and effort devoted to making the Wright Plus tour such a fine event. Your comments before and during the tour added a great deal to our enjoyment. The videos were a great idea.”

“Thanks so much for everything you did to make our Arts & Crafts in Minneapolis tour such a grand success last Friday. We wish you’d been at AAM [American Association of Museums] to hear all of the good comments the tour participants made to us throughout the meeting. We also really appreciated the information you provided for photocopying as well as you bon mots on the bus. Let’s do it again!”