Detailed resumé
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I have been a full-time free-lance writer, writing trainer, and communications consultant since 1985. Following is a sampling of projects I have completed since then:

Writing about architecture and planning

Contributions to books: Co-authored Prefurbia: Reinventing the Suburbs from Disdainable to Sustainable with Rick Harrison; published by Sustainable Land Development International, 2008; the book presents Rick’s innovative land planning concepts… edited two book-length essays in Minnesota 1900: Art and Life on the Upper Mississippi, 1890-1910 published by the University of Delaware Press, 1993.

Selected magazine and journal articles from the more than 200 articles I have published: In Architecture Minnesota: “The Art of Alexander Tylevich,” profile of a sculptor/architect. (1/98) and “Minneapolis Prairie School” (9/98); in Journal of the Taliesin Fellowship: (Summer 98) "The Pencil in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hand," an interview with John Howe, Wright’s chief assistant for 35 years…in Old-House Journal: "Smooth Move" (4/04) on marble kitchen floors, "Saving a Piece of Minnesota History: The Mower House" (4/03) on renovation of a Greek Revival house, “Historic Places: Wright Here in Mason City” (9/01), a tour guide to historic architecture in Mason City, Iowa, "The Underachieving Cantilever" (6/97) on restoration of the Purcell-Cutts House in Minneapolis and “Minneapolis: A City That Works” (5/01)… in Civil Engineering News: "Revolutionary residential community designs: Coving revisited" (11/03) on the work of town planner Rick Harrison... in Progressive Architecture: "Anti-Semitism and Practice in the USSR" (8/91) MPLS. ST. PAUL Magazine: "How to Select an Architect" (4/86), "A Prairie Home and its Companions" (8/86), "The House that Boomers Built" (8/86), review of Cesar Pelli & Associates' Norwest Bank Building in Minneapolis (4/89)... in Arts (for members of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts): "Salute to John H. Howe" (8/87), "Building Bridges With Walls" (9/87) about Kenzo Tange's work... in Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (3/00): review of museum exhibition on architecture of Ralph Rapson.

For Ellerbe Becket (architects and engineers in Minneapolis): Wrote a successful proposal for Kingdom Centre, a $200 million high-rise building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia... edited a manual for General Motors that defines design requirements for data centers.

For Granite Construction / C.S. McCrossan, Inc.: Wrote the crucial executive summary of a successful $140M proposal for the design-build project that rebuilt I-494 in the western Twin Cities suburbs.

For Setter, Leach & Lindstrom Architects (Minneapolis): Wrote and designed a successful $20M proposal for renovating the AT&T / Northwestern Bell Building in downtown Minneapolis... edited a report on a warehouse for Zayre Corporation... produced two window displays, dozens of "project sheets," and other marketing materials... wrote two AIA Honor Award nominations.

For Kodet Architectural Group, Ltd. (Minneapolis): Wrote and designed a successful $4M proposal for addition to a school building in Fillmore County, Minnesota... wrote text for a marketing brochure... edited a report to Hennepin County (Minnesota) Department of Public Works on the proposed design for new headquarters facilities.
Writing about architecture and planning (continued)

For the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis): Researched and co-wrote the script for a half-hour television program on Prairie School architects Purcell & Elmslie... wrote the script for a half-hour video on the work of town planner Gordon Cullen, which is used as a teaching tool in architecture schools... wrote a grant proposal to the Graham Foundation for a professor doing research on architectural drawing, photography, and models... consulted with a professor on how to organize a book writing project.

For the Minnesota Historical Society and the U.S. Department of Interior (under subcontract to Landscape Research, an architectural consulting service in St. Paul): Edited two booklets describing the Certified Local Government program — one for Minnesota and one on a national scale. This program is part of the U.S. Department of Interior's Heritage Preservation program.

For the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH): Wrote a review of museum exhibitions on the work of Ralph Rapson that appeared in the 3/2000 issue of the society’s journal, which is considered to be the foremost journal on the history of architecture… as Secretary and Newsletter Editor of the Minnesota chapter from 1988 to 1993, founded, edited, and published the newsletter, With Respect to Architecture, containing reviews, essays, interviews, and event previews; this newsletter repeatedly has been singled out as the finest chapter-level publication within SAH... as Editor of The Newsletter of the national SAH from 1993 to 1994, redesigned the publication; wrote, designed, edited, and published six issues... As president of the Minnesota SAH chapter (MNSAH) 1995-96, oversaw a 50% expansion of membership and planned numerous events... annually led intensive three-day architecture study tours: 1994, Prairie School architecture in Wisconsin and Illinois; 1995, Prairie School architecture in Wisconsin; 1996, architecture in Duluth and on the North Shore of Lake Superior; 1997: architecture in Chicago.

Lectures and courses on architecture

“Prairie School Architecture” (a four-session short course) for the University of Minnesota College of Continuing Education, four times since 2007... Theosophy and the Fourth Dimension in the Architecture of Purcell & Elmslie,” Midwest Art History Society 2015, Minnesota Society of Architectural Historians, November 30, 1999; Twin Cities Bungalow Club, February 16, 2001; AIA/MN Annual Convention, October 2001…"The Roots of the Arts and Crafts: John Ruskin's Six Precepts of Architecture," Chicago Art Institute, August 18, 1999; North Hennepin Community College (Brooklyn Park, MN), November 23, 1996... Arts and Crafts Exposition, St. Paul, MN, November 26, 1995... "Louis Sullivan and His Followers in Minnesota," North Hennepin Community College, November 5, 1996,... "Geoffrey Scott's The Architecture of Humanism, A Book Report Turned in Eighty-one Years Late," Minnesota Chapter of The Society of Architectural Historians, Minneapolis, MN, December 6, 1995... "Frank Lloyd Wright: The Problem of Genius," Minnesota Chapter of The Society of Architectural Historians, Minneapolis, MN, May 23, 1995… Minnesota Conference on the Gifted and Talented, Minneapolis, MN, July 14, 1987… "The International Arts and Crafts Movement," John Ruskin Society of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN, August 17, 1992... "Purcell & Elmslie's Edna S. Purcell House," Minneapolis Institute of Arts, January 25, 1988.

Business writing and communications consulting

For Braun Intertec Corporation (Minneapolis): Have provided writing services to this client for 16 years... wrote/edited a successful $4.7M research proposal to the Federal Highway Administration... consulted on planning a system of modular marketing sheets that define the firm's capabilities; wrote dozens of individual sheets that work within that system... produced a variety of marketing materials including press releases and articles for newsletters and technical journals... helped develop standards for writing technical reports... provided 1-on-1 training of engineers on how to write better geotechnical reports.

For the Minnesota Local Road Research Board (on subcontract to either Braun Intertec or SRF Consulting): Since 1991, wrote and in many cases co-produced seventeen videos on pavement engineering.

For the US Federal Highway Administration: Wrote and co-produced three videos on pavement testing procedures.

For the Center for Transportation Studies (part of the University of Minnesota): Annually write newsletter articles that digest information presented by engineers at pavement engineering conferences… edited a catalog of available information on transportation.

For Boston Scientific SCIMED Corporation (Minneapolis): Wrote and designed training materials for sales reps on an angioplasty catheter... wrote scripts for seven marketing videos that introduce new angioplasty and intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) products... wrote the script for a multimedia presentation (live speakers, video, computer animation) at an annual sales meeting... wrote and designed an award-winning reference manual on IVUS... wrote scripts for two training videos on the company's IVUS viewing console… managed the process of creating the user documentation for a new IVUS viewing console…wrote two recruiting videos.

For St. Jude Medical, Inc. (St. Paul): Wrote scripts for three marketing videos on heart valve products.

For Velocimed, Inc. (Minneapolis): Wrote and co-produced two FDA-approved instructional videos and auxiliary training materials for new cardiology products going into clinical trials.

For American Medical Systems, Inc. (Minneapolis): Wrote a training video for surgeons on a new procedure for treating female stress urinary incontinence.

For Medtronic, Inc. (Minneapolis ): Wrote a comprehensive plan for documentation of a new product line…produced an instructional design for — and then wrote — training materials for sales reps on how to serve physicians entering the pain management specialty field... wrote a sales training book on spine anatomy and pain management products.

For Guidant Corporation (St. Paul): Researched and wrote a marketing / informational handbook for diabetologists: "Insulin Pump Therapy: A Handbook for Physicians"... researched and wrote a patient handbook: "Guidelines for Insulin Pump Patients"... edited a large wall chart listing specifications for all company products... wrote a user manual for a portable blood glucose analyzer... wrote a company standard for drawings and specifications... wrote a user manual for an insulin infusion pump... contributed articles to an employee newsletter…twice trained FDA inspectors on how to evaluate engineering documentation.

For H.B. Fuller Company (St. Paul): Wrote company standards for paper and on-line computer user documentation... working with my own subcontractors, designed, wrote, and maintained more than a dozen computer user manuals (covering order entry, financial analysis, sales analysis, etc.) and product technical manuals... designed and wrote online user documentation for a technical data-base system... facilitated several meetings among top-level management... to support a company-wide training program on a new computer system, wrote and edited a wide variety of technical and marketing materials and managed the training roll-out process... wrote and maintained two product manuals for salespeople.

For Graco Incorporated (Minneapolis): Produced instructional designs for — and then researched and wrote — three 30-page self-training booklets used by Graco salespeople to learn about the physics of fluids, paint chemistry, and how to sell in the marine industry.

For Onan Corporation (Minneapolis): Produced an instructional design for — and then researched and wrote — a 90-page self-training booklet on the basics of standby electrical power generators… wrote scripts for four audio programs that inform salespeople on how to sell into the electric power industry.

Teaching / curriculum design

Since 1986, I have presented more than 1,000 business writing and technical writing seminars:

For SkillPath Seminars, the world’s largest business seminar company, (based in Kansas City, MO): Since December 1999, have presented more than 800 business writing and technical writing seminars throughout the US, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and in the United Kingdom.

For Dashe & Thomson, Inc., writing consultants in Minneapolis: Developed four two-day seminars on technical writing: How to Write Effective User Documentation; How to Produce On-line User Documentation; Technical Writing, the Essential Principles and Procedures; and Designing and Producing Effective Equipment Manuals. From 3/86 through 2/91, delivered these seminars more than 180 times in cities across the U.S. and in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong; many of the presentations were tailored for in-house presentation to companies and government agencies.

Working on my own: Developed two two-day business writing seminars: How to Write Effective Reports and Proposals and The Comprehensive Business Writing Workshop; presented these seminars more than twenty times, both in-house and in publicly marketed settings in Hong Kong and the Twin Cities.

Previous experience

Program Planner for ‘The Gifted Center' (Minneapolis), 1984-85

(The Gifted Center is a resource for teachers of gifted children in the metropolitan Twin Cities area and is a component of the Metro Educational Cooperative Service Unit, a publicly funded agency.)

Produced seminars and conferences for teachers of gifted children... wrote major portions of two reports to the 1985 Minnesota Legislature: "Report on the Minnesota High School of the Arts and Resource Center" and "Proposal for a Statewide Inventors' Fair"... working with the Science Museum of Minnesota, ran a year-long "Inventors' Fair" program for grade school and junior high school students... produced a complete set of documentation and promotional materials (brochures, curriculum description, posters, etc.) on "The Mentor Connection," a program for gifted high school students... wrote / edited a newsletter on education of gifted learners distributed to 2000 educators in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Technical Writer for Cardiac Pacemakers Inc. (St. Paul — current name: Guidant Corporation) 1976-80

Designed, developed, and maintained the company's Engineering Documentation Control System which controlled all product configuration documents and met USFDA regulations for medical device manufacturers... produced dozens of procedures and specifications... wrote standards for engineers and drafters on how to write / draft engineering documentation... designed and produced a research data retrieval system that cross-referenced all research reports written since the beginning of the company; read and extracted data from over 1000 research reports on electronics, metallurgy, chemistry, medical practice and data processing... annually trained USFDA inspector trainees on documentation control.

Technical Writer for Rosemount, Inc. (Minneapolis) 1970-73

Researched and wrote hundreds of engineering specifications for mechanical and electrical components, metals, plastics and chemicals... designed and administered the company's standard parts system which effectively controlled inventory and the proliferation of part numbers; wrote three Standard Parts Manuals for electronic and mechanical components... participated in design of the company's material requirements planning system; wrote several procedures on the use of that system... produced documentation in compliance with military, NASA, nuclear regulatory, and other government specifications.

Professional affiliation

Society of Architectural Historians (president of the Minnesota chapter, 1995-96)


B.A., University of Minnesota (Minneapolis), majors: English and theatre

Graduate work in curriculum design for gifted children, University of St. Thomas (St. Paul)

One-year certificate in electronics technology from Northwestern Electronics Institute (Minneapolis)