Comments from clients and seminar attendees (original documents available upon request)

“I really like Richard’s video script. It is succinct, informative, and essentially simple. This project is right on track, and the video will be great. Hooray!” -- Clark Milne, Maintenance Engineer, Alaska DOT

“Thanks! You have created a great presentation [to the Washington County Board of Commissioners]. Once again you’ve proven why we should always hire a pro.” -- Donald J. Theisen, P.E., Washington County [MN] Public Works Director

“I hired Richard as a freelance writer to help with a series of articles on HVAC technologies. Richard interviewed numerous contacts that I provided and that he developed on his own for articles on building automation systems, rooftop units, and “green” schools. For all three articles, Richard conducted informative interviews and drafted excellent technical articles. We then polished the articles together in an easy-going collaboration. He met deadlines, was responsive to review comments and edits, and was simply a wonderful and expert freelancer to work with.” -- Michael Ivanovich, Editor-in-Chief, Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine

“My compliments to you on the really superb interview you did with John Howe back in 1987, from which I will be quoting. So much good information in there and you asked all the right questions. A job well done -- and thank you for doing it.” – Jane Hession, co-author: John H. Howe, Architect, published 2015, University of Minnesota Press

“Dick Kronick has worked with Braun Intertec on a number of occasions. In addition to being able to write with clarity and influence, Dick brings another tremendous asset to proposal writing -- the ability to see things from the reader's perspective. I encourage you to keep Dick in mind anytime a proposal will benefit from good writing and any time you want to hire a trainer to help our staff learn to write better themselves.” – Cameron Kruse, Vice President, Braun Intertec

“I have received very positive feedback regarding yesterday’s [technical writing seminar]. I have already seen a positive impact in writing skills from those that attended your seminar.” -- Mark Johnson, Director of Engineering, Coachella Valley Water District, California

“I've always been amazed at how you navigate the technical stuff while obviously being blessed in so many non-technical areas. You're the closest thing to a Renaissance Man that I'll ever know.” – Mark Maloney, Director of Public Works, City of Shoreview, Minnesota

“Dick, you took a document [client’s original proposal] that looked like Moby Dick and turned it into Cliff Notes. If I had submitted the proposal in its original form, maybe one out of five of my commissioners would have read it. I know that all five of them have read it from cover to cover. Now they’re coming back to me with questions about specific points.” – Tim Stahl, Director of Public Works, Jackson County, Minnesota

“I am working with a group of pre-professionals in Albania. As part of their summer university training, they are required to write a paper that meets the standards of academic writing customary for graduate level students in the U.S. I am compiling a few resources for them. I think they will find your tips for sizing up audience and purpose quite useful and easy to follow.” – Dr. Lori E. Amy, Director, NATO’s Summer University, Tirana, Albania, and Professor, Georgia Southern University

“I posted your article on Facebook and...holy cow!....I've been flooded with compliments from "friends," both current and old (some of whom I haven't seen or spoken to in 20 years!). One friend said he can't stop reading it (and has read it 5 times already) because he feels so inspired! Also, there are more than 100 "likes" and several "tweets" of the article. I've never seen an Old House Journal online article garner that much active response. Well done! Bravo!” – Ryan Knoke, subject of an article written by Richard in Old House Journal magazine.

“I was invited to provide architectural design services for a remodeling of the front entry to a classic Georgian home in Minneapolis. The invitation came as a result of the recommendation from Richard Kronick, whose many skills I have known for years as a writer, teacher, and architectural historian. Dick provided valuable historical consulting to assure the homeowners that their addition would be improved in a manner that was faithful to the original design. His knowledge and advice not only informed me about how to respect the historic character of the original design but gave the owners confidence that my design would be successful. I can confidently recommend Dick as an historical consultant to any design work dealing with existing historic structures. “ -- Scott Berry, AIA, architect

"What I find particularly valuable is that Richard has developed a genuine interest in and deep knowledge of pavement-related topics, which is evident in his ability to write strong content." -- Pamela J. Snopl, Managing Editor, Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota

"As a direct result of Richard's efforts, our client has received funding for their entire program (total: 20 million dollars)." -- Jerry Allen Ritter, AIA, Director of Architecture, Setter, Leach & Lindstrom Inc.

"Richard has an outstanding ability to synthesize information and articulate information to groups. He is an initiator, an organizer, a planner, and is extremely resourceful." -- Mary Oberg, Gifted/Talented Resource Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools

"We knew were in over our heads. You stepped in and ensured the success of our project. I believe your outstanding efforts were the primary reason for the high quality of the [document] we delivered."-- Tom Walstad, Data Management Strategy Project Architect, American Express Financial Advisors

"The documentation Richard has written for H.B. Fuller is absolutely excellent; both users and systems designers have praised his professional results. His writing is always clear, informative, accurate, and even entertaining." -- John O. Bigalke, Director, Information Systems, H.B. Fuller Company

"Your work as a producer provided the video with the professionalism it now possesses."--
Michael M. Marti, PE, Senior Engineer, Braun Intertec Inc.

"You have mastered the ability to nurture [the brainstorming] process in a productive leadership capacity without ever letting the participants realize that they are being shepherded by a 'master.' " -- Tom Struve, Superintendent, Streets, Central Services, and Equipment, City of Eagan, Minnesota

"Richard demonstrated an ability during our training video project to interpret ambiguous theoretical materials into easily understood language. This unique talent was fundamental to the success of our venture." -- Dennis W. Grebner, FAIA, Professor of Architecture, College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota

"The sales manual Richard wrote for us is very user friendly, easy to read, makes you want to read more. As soon as you wonder about something, it seems to follow on the next page." -- C. Eileen Kuhlmann, Area Technical Manager, H.B. Fuller Company

"Richard quite simply was the 'glue' for the project. The Vice President of Sales and marketing said this is 'the most effective training and marketing tool I have ever seen.' " -- Paul D. Kapsner, Group Product Manager, Rotational Atherectomy, Boston Scientific Scimed

"Richard Kronick's "How to Write Effective Reports and Proposals" is one of the two or three highest rated seminars AIA Minnesota has ever presented." -- Deanna Christiansen, Program Director, American Institute of Architects / Minnesota Section